Audit Service Board Chairman justifies change of locks at Domelevo’s office while on leave

Chairman of the Audit Service Board Prof. Edward Dua Agyeman has justified the decision to change the locks to Auditor General Daniel Domelovo’s office.

According to him, the move is meant to secure the office.

“The acting Auditor General informed us that he wasn’t happy about the security of that office and therefore suggested that we secure the place. The board authorised him to buy new locks and secure the place,” he said.

Prof. Agyeman explained that the fact that the Auditor-General was able to visit the facility for some documents even after his said leave period had begun leaves the office vulnerable to potential breaches.

“The problem with the locks was that Mr Domelevo came there a day after he has left and collected letterheads and also without telling the acting Auditor General that he was there,” he clarified to JoyNews July 29.

The Auditor-General, who is on a 167-day leave, was astonished to discover that the locks to his office had been changed when he went by on Tuesday afternoon to pick up some documents.

On his arrival at the premises, Daniel Yao Domelevo, noticed that he could not access his office because the locks had been changed on the instruction of the Board.

He said upon checking with them, the Board could neither confirm nor deny giving the instruction.

But in an interview with JoyNews, Prof Duah Agyeman insists Mr. Domelovo will be allowed into his office provided he informs the acting Auditor General.

“His office is there. The keys are available with the cashier. If he wants to go there, he can get to the acting Auditor General and he will direct him as to where he can get the keys to his office,” he said adding that “nobody has kicked him out of his office.”

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