Christiana Atu a reporter at Agboo fm carried out a report on how market sales at the Dzodze market have been and how the market women are coping with the pandemic on the 16 06 20.

Speaking to some of the women at the market, they shared their ordeal that market has not been the same ever since this pandemic came to Ghana. Explain that, prices of commodities at the grassroots have increased so much such that they go with a lot of money only to come back with just a little stuffs to sale at the market hence, they the retail sealers are forced to put favorable amounts on the prices of the stuffs so that they won’t have to run at a loss.

A close up with one of the market women revealed that, she is one of the women who go to the sea shore to buy fresh fish to sale in the market. She told miss Christiana that the fishermen when they return from sea sale the fish to them at a very high price and they having no other alternative buy it at the costly price then later add their profit percentage hence making customers complain bitterly when they are told the price which some of them do not buy.

She went ahead to say that they most a times take a lot of remaining fish home, keep it the freezer and take it back to the market even after three days and other day have to dispose it because it gets spoilt when not free zed on time of when not properly handled.

The queen of the market finally advised the public to stay safe while observing the safety precautions that WHO and the GHS has given because the pandemic is real..

source : Christiana Atu

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